Corporate Profile - World Wide Electric Inc

World Wide Electric began operations in 1990 by providing traditional electric contracting services to government, commercial and industrial clients. Since those early beginnings, WWE has grown into a multi-Disciplinary company offering one of the most comprehensive ranges of services in Ontario with a long track record of success.

The key to this success is the personal pride that all our employees take in servicing our clients. We work hard to get to know our clients, to understand their needs, and to ensure that the solution we provide will more than satisfy their requirements. This focus on client relationship is best summed up in our corporate credo::

"With us, It's personal."

Today, with over 50 people, WWE provides 24-hours emergency electrical and communication services seven days a week, 365 days a year, We maintain the fleet of service vehicles that are fully stock with material and test equipment that allows our technicians to immediately rectify any problem they may encounter.

We are expertise in several services.

Our Company

World Wide Electric Inc has a Head office in Mississauga Ontario. We expertized in Electrical, IT Network communication Management, Internet troubleshooting, and Security system as well.
Our dedicated team and experts (CEO, Project Managers, Operation Manager, Technicians & Coordinators) with over 30 years of experience ensuring our clients are well satisfied. Our clients are both public and private enterprises across Ontario.

WWE Executive Team

Frank Garcia – President & CEO of World Wide Electric Inc.
Vince De Melo – Operation Manager
Andrew Garcia – IT Project Manager
Cathy Moser – Office Manager
Fadi Hamdoun – Project Coordinator

Our Satisfaction Guarantee

We are available to serve you 24 hours for 365 days. We understand the customers and consumers, for us it is personal. Services from WWE is well guaranteed and trusted.

Our Services in Electrical

We specialize in Electrical Management.

Electrical Services
● The traditional types of electrical installation, such as low and high voltage distribution system, Arc flash, co-ordination studies, indoor and outdoor lighting, trenching and underground wiring, x-raying and core-drilling, overherad work are the original foundation of WWE.

Electrical Infrastructure for communications
● The integrated WWE team provides the best of both expert electricians to lay the electrical groundwork for your communication system, including conduit, raceway, grounding, core drilling, voltage requirement, and experienced communications specialists to properly install the most advanced networks.

Design and Consulting
● WWE's team of RCDD and professional Engineers have years of experience designing systems, writing a tender document and corporate specifications, and consulting for Canada's leading corporations.

Fire Alarm and Life Safety System
● This crucial safety system is in experienced and proven hands with WWE. To code, we can supply and install a complete fire alarm system, including horns, bells, strobe light, smoke and heat detectors; and range for all inspections and certifications .

Security System
● We can make your facility safer with our complete security solutions or by working with your supplier to install an access control system, CCTV, Door and window contacts, motion sensors, elevator control, retinal scanner, and biometrics.

Building Automation System
● WWE can make your building more comfortable and energy-efficient with complete control and power wiring solution that monitor temperature and relative humidity readings, control the operation of pumps and fans, and provide valve and damper control.

Generator and UPS System
● WWE is an industry leader in the supply, installation, and commissioning of Generators and UPS systems ranging in size from small systems.

Thermal Imaging Services
● WWE can help prevent problems before they happen by identifying "hot spot" for potential fires and system failures. Using the most advanced thermal imaging equipment, we will scan your panels, transformers, and incoming Feeders.

Power Monitoring
● WWE performs power monitoring with the latest technology.

Our Services in Information Technology

We specialize in IT Network Communication, Internet Services and Cabling Management.

Data Cabling
● WWE can design, supply, install, certify, and maintain structured cabling solutions complete with scans, Certifications, and a lifetime warranty to meet the current and future needs of our clients.

VoIP Cabling/Telecommunications
●WWE provides 24x7 telecommunications services. We provide onsite live troubleshooting, running voice cables, VoIP and phone installation, voice cable installation with certifications.

Fibre Optics
● WWE specializes in the installation of single and multi-mode fiber-optic cable in backbone, plant, campus applications as well and fiber to the desktop (FTTD) applications that puts out clients on the cutting edge of speed and security.

Data Centers
● There's no need to have multiple contractors stepping on each other when you can enjoy a completely integrated solution from WWE that includes best in cabling, UPS system, cabinets, raceways, cable trays, and grounding in your data centre. We are long-time Vendors of record for the Ministry of Government Services Data Centres (formerly iserve Ontario), Telus and Teranet. .

Information Technology
● WWE provides complete IT support for small and medium businesses, including hardware and configuration, system design and integration, and Network Management. We also install routers, switches, hubs, access points, and networked peripherals.

Our Partners